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Furniture Terms – L

lacquer: a multi-layered varnish that is polished to a high sheen and has a durable, hard surface.

ladder-back: a chair with horizontal supports across the back, resembling a ladder.

laminate: the process of bonding or gluing together several layers. May also refer to the final product of the process, often with a decorative surface of paper or fabric covered with melamine resin.

landscape mirror: a mirror intended to be used above a case good, such as a dresser or sideboard.

Lawson arms: a low profile rolled arm that is of a modest scale.

leather match: furniture upholstered with a combination of leather and vinyl. The vinyl is died to match the leather and is typically used on the sides and back. Leather is reserved for the cushions or “everywhere the body touches.”

leg table: a table, dining or otherwise, that is supported by four legs.

leveler: adjustable component on the foot of furniture that can compensate for an uneven floor and thus level the piece.

light bridge: a component of an entertainment wall that connects two media piers (or other wall components) over a TV. Light bridges usually incorporate lighting, a shelf and a matching back panel.

Liming: The chemical process of removing hair from the rawhide.

linen fold: a carved motif that looks like a scroll of linen.

lingerie chest: a tall, narrow chest of drawers intended to store lingerie.

linseed oil: a drying oil produced from flax seeds, used in furniture finishes as a protective sealant.

loose back sofa: sofa with the same number of back cushions as seat cushions, but are not attached to the sofa body.

Louis XIV style: Historically 1643 – 1723. French baroque furniture style with resplendent with formal grandeur. Considered more masculine in style than Louis XV or Louis XVI, it features more modest, rather than exaggerated, curves. Common motifs include acanthus leaves, putti, caryatids and masks. In true baroque fashion, forms are symmetrical with twisting, intertwined forms.

Louis XV style: Historically 1723 – 1774. Rich and ornate French rococo style, typified by cabriole legs with carved knees and scroll feet, as well as bombe chests and cabinets. Heavy carving, inlays, lacquer and gilt often ornamented pieces while brocade, velvets and tapestry were frequently used for upholstery.

Louis XVI style: Historically 1774-1792. Neoclassical style in the reign of French King Louis XVI. In contrast to the excesses of rococo and baroque styles, the lines of Louis XVI are more geometric and rectilinear. Ornamentation was more restrained with classical architecture motifs supplanting opulent carvings of fruit and flowers.

loveseat: a small sofa or double chair that seats two people.

low profile foundation: a thin version of a box spring that offsets very thick mattresses in a bed frame.

lowboy: English low chest or table with drawers.