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Furniture Terms – M

Machine Antiqued: The machine application of a darker color over a lighter color creating a dramatic highlight.

marbling: faux painting technique to simulate the look of marble.

marquetry: intricate close-fitting inlays of wood, ivory, mother-of-pearl or metal as a surface decoration. Often executed as a veneer.

master chest: similar to a chest on chest, a master chest usually incorporates a doored cabinet.

media pier: a component of an entertainment wall that flanks a TV and provides storage and / or display areas.

micro suede: a variety of microfiber fabric that displays a distinct nap that makes it look and feel like suede leather.

microfiber: fabric made from extremely thin synthetic fibers. It is appreciated for its soft hand, durability and stain resistance.

mid-century modern: a design style that emerged in the mid 20th century that is characterized by clean simple lines, be they geometric or organic. The movement embraced modern technology and the space age, but without kitsch. It smoothed the edges of modernism to make a democratic, and very livable, style.

Milling: Process in which hides are tumbled in a drum to soften the hand or enhance the grain.

mission style: a late 19th, early 20th century style that is considered the American version of the English Arts and Crafts movement. Simple, rectilinear lines, exposed construction techniques and mid-toned oak finishes that show off the natural grain of the wood are dominate characteristics of this style. American mission style added elements of Spanish mission style and was notably influenced by Gustav Stickley and Frank Lloyd Wright.

modernism: Historically from 1890 through the mid-20th century. Modernism is a philosophy of design that encompasses several styles including Arts and Crafts, Art Noveau, Art Deco, International and Mid-Century Modern. A unifying theme of these diverse styles is a rejection of traditional forms. Each sub style appeared to be a radical departure from the established forms and styles of their respective eras.

modular furniture: furniture that may be rearranged in to multiple configurations. Entertainment walls and some sectionals are examples of furniture that employ a modular approach.

moire: silky fabric, such as a silk, rayon or taffeta, with a wavy surface pattern.

monochromatic: color scheme of one hue in a variety of values (shades).

mop head fringe: a thick fringe composed of long, twisted loops of yarn resembling the head of a mop.

motif: a thematic element of design, in carvings, inlay, fabric pattern or other surface decoration.

motion furniture: furniture that can be used in multiple positions or that allows movement; includes sofas, chairs and loveseats that rock, recline, swivel, or glide. May also refer to occasional tables that incorporate swivels or rollers and are intended to be paired with motion upholstery.