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Furniture Terms – R

ragging or rag-rolling: decorative painting technique in which a glaze is applied over a base color in an uneven manner to add depth and texture.

rail: horizontal bar of wood or metal supporting and tying two ends of a piece of furniture together. For example, on a bed the rails tie the headboard and footboard together and help support the mattress. The horizontal front of a sofa or loveseat may also be referred to as a rail.

rattan: the strong, yet pliable stem from a variety of climbing palm, in the genus calamus, used as framing material for wicker furniture.

recliner: arm chair that reclines and extends a built-in foot rest.

reeding: decorative carving or element that consists of vertical, convex, semi-circular groves.

refectory table: a long, narrow table with straight, heavy legs, originally used in monastic dining halls.

regency style: Historically 1811 – 1820. British neoclassical style contemporary with directorie and empire styles in France. Like its French counterparts, regency style looked to ancient Rome and Greece for inspiration in form and decorative motifs.

reproduction: copy of an antique design.

return: a component that attaches to a desk to make an L-shaped work station.

rococo: extremely ornate art, furniture and architecture style originating in early 18th century France. Common Rococo motifs include scrolls, foliage and animal motifs.

rolled arms: arms on upholstered seating that curve outward into a rounded form, extending horizontally beyond the supporting post.

rubbed finish: wood polished with abrasives and oils for a durable finish with a low sheen.

Rya rug: a shag rug made in Sweden